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Who are Prolink? – Meet the Carfulan Group’s new dedicated software division

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Prolink are dedicated to providing an entire suite of easy-to-use software solutions to address and automate the data collection and quality analysis tasks performed throughout any organisation.

The history of Prolink

Prolink was founded in 1983 as an automated software company, providing a multitude of technologies to automate the collection, reporting and analysis of data from the entire shop-floor, all in one place.

Prolink’s original software solution was QC-CALC, a software program that captured data from a single brand of vision measuring machine and produced Statistical Process Control (SPC) reports. QC-CALC’s success led to it becoming integrated with a wide variety of measuring machines, including CMMs and other metrology systems.

Within the last 15 years the Prolink product portfolio has expanded to include enterprise-wide data collection and visualisation products, including the industry’s first browser-based SPC visualisation product – QC-Mobile.

Prolink has continued to expand their capabilities and can now collect data from over 300 different metrology systems, as well as integrating into other stages of the production process to provide a complete manufacturing overview.

What does Prolink software do?

  • Automate data collection across the entire shop-floor
  • Creates bespoke databases
  • Offers both automatic and manual reporting
  • Can integrate and export from MiniTab into custom Excel reports
  • Offers advanced reporting with grouping and filtering capabilities
  • Can analyse data across parts and site locations
  • Interactive charting
  • Fully interactive and customisable dashboard options

What are the benefits of Prolink software?

  • Manage and control your data
  • Automatic data collection
  • Collect data faster
  • Input data from manual and automatic systems
  • Connect to any device or system
  • Access your data on mobile or desktop
  • PPAP reporting
  • Adaptable to your existing systems and technology
  • Reporting is all done in one place
  • All data in one location

Who are Prolink UK?

Prolink UK are part of the Carfulan Group and are the exclusive re-sellers of Prolink software across the UK and Ireland.

Prolink UK offer expert guidance and support through every stage of the process. From advice when selecting your package, to top-level training completed in-person or online, and ongoing maintenance support just a phone call away.

Prolink UK’s newly appointed General Manager, Graham Shaw, commented:

“I am thrilled to be building this new venture between Prolink and the Carfulan Group. Prolink offers fantastic solutions to the markets we serve, and has huge scope for growth within our organisation. I can’t wait to get started.”

Managing Director of the Carfulan Group, Chris Fulton commented:

“We are excited to be taking this next step with Prolink to become their exclusive reseller across Europe. Prolink software is at the forefront of data collection, reporting and analysis, offering a complete solution to help our users better control their data at every level. I am proud to establish Prolink UK as the fifth branch of the Carfulan Group.”

Gene VanPatten, Director of Sales for Prolink Inc, commented:

“The formation of Prolink UK represents the most significant event in the history of Prolink Software, Inc. since its foundation in 1983. The establishment of this partnership with Carfulan will ensure the continued growth of the Prolink product line in the UK and Ireland as well as provides an excellent base for future growth in mainland Europe. I believe the formation of Prolink UK will be looked back on in the future as a watershed moment in the history of this pioneering software company.”

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