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The new Prolink UK website is now live!

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Prolink UK is proud to announce the launch of the brand-new Prolink UK website, now live, and packed full of exciting new features and fresh new content.

Prolink UK is the Carfulan Group’s newly established dedicated software division, providing a multitude of software solutions to automate the collection, reporting and analysis of data from the shopfloor.

Alongside remarkable software and unparalleled customer service, the sleek, cutting-edge new website delivers fresh content, the latest imagery, the most up-to-date software information, and stunning new videos, all aimed at enhancing user experience.

With over 100 new pages to explore, it is undeniably the new go-to resource for all things automated data collection, data reporting and data analysis.

Prolink UK General Manager, Graham Shaw, highlighted just how beneficial the new website will be for users.

He said: “This is a really exciting time for Prolink UK. Our users can now access our entire product portfolio easily and discover the best software solution for their business. We’re proud to introduce our brand-new website that mirrors the cutting-edge software of our solutions.”

Group Marketing Manager, Lewis Hearne, explained: “We’re proud and excited to have launched Prolink UK’s brand-new website. It’s a testament to the Carfulan Group’s continuous commitment to innovate, improve, and engage with the latest software in the engineering and manufacturing industry. The new Prolink UK website is packed full of fresh content that we hope will excite new and existing customers.”


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