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Linking stages of the manufacturing cycle at Dalau

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Dalau is one of the biggest fluoropolymer manufacturers in the UK, exporting over 11 million components to 35 countries every year. They work across industries including electronics, engineering, aerospace and medical, ensuring the highest quality components for their customers.

Dalau has invested in a wide range of technologies from the Carfulan Group. This has allowed them to create a seamless inspection process of their components and enhance their manufacturing processes.

The Carfulan Group specialises in providing the most advanced manufacturing technologies available, helping customers to achieve optimal performance and end-product excellence. Across its five divisions the group aims to allow customers like Dalau to measure parts more accurately, design more freely and manufacture more efficiently.

Project Brief:

Dalau are constantly investing in the latest technology, with quality at the forefront of everything they manufacture, Dalau need to ensure that the parts they manufacture are of high accuracy, consistency and traceability.

Dalau were looking to upgrade some of their old machines to the latest technology, and made contact with the Carfulan Group to explore their wide range of technology solutions.

“We would consider ourselves the best component manufacturer in Europe, when it comes to plastic parts,” said David Sage, Managing Director of Dalau Ltd.

“Quality is the most important thing for us – it’s what we sell our name on. Making 11 million components is a lot of components and you need the accuracy and the reliability. We constantly replace old machines, have the latest technology, the latest CAD software, we’re constantly upgrading everything and linking it all together into one master system.”

The Solution:

Dalau Ltd invested in a wide range of technologies from across all divisions of the Carfulan Group to create a seamless inspection process of all their components and give them a complete solution from one provider.

Dalau invested in 3 multi-sensor metrology machines from OGP UK, the best-in-class multi-sensor measurement systems, 4 Metrios machines from VICIVISION UK, the ultimate shopfloor gauge, the Stratasys J35 pro 3D printer from SYS Systems to build jigs and fixtures and the TMS software from ZOLLER UK to systemise and control their tooling.

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“It’s nice to keep it all under the same umbrella, it means we have one point of contact for all our machines and support,” said Blair Stephenson, Technical Assistant and Project Engineer at Dalau Ltd.

David said: “All of the technologies complement each other, they make one simple, seamless production process.” 

The Benefits:

Investing in a wide range of technologies from across all divisions of the Carfulan Group has allowed Dalau to enhance their entire manufacturing processes and upgrade their old machines to the latest technologies. Dalau is now able to ensure speed, accuracy and traceability across their entire manufacturing processes.

David Sage had this to say about the Dalau’s new investments:

“If your customer is asking for 100% inspection, you’ve got to be fast. An engineer would take several minutes to measure a component whereas you can measure fifteen components in four and a half seconds on the Metrios. 

“With the J35 3D printer, the engineers can design the jig on the software, make it and then code and number them using the ZOLLER TMS software. 

“It’s going to be huge because it will save a huge amount of man hours. It takes out the human error of the system. 

“Everything we’ve asked for has always been done. The service from Carfulan has been brilliant. We can’t fault it.”

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Why the Carfulan Group?

The Carfulan Group works with world-leading companies, such as Dalau, providing the most advanced manufacturing technologies available, helping to achieve optimal performance and end-product excellence.

Across it’s five divisions, the group works across multiple industries such as aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, medical, education, design, precision engineering, manufacturing, consumer goods and many more.


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