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Powered by Precision

The Carfulan Group is made up of a team of engineering experts based in Derby, East Midlands. Specialising in providing the most advanced manufacturing technologies available.
Working Together

At Carfulan Group, we are committed to a partner for the long term. We have been supporting the growth of manufacturing companies across different markets for 30+ years.


Precision is more than just a buzzword to us, it's the cornerstone of quality. We don't just strive for accuracy, we obsess over it. From micrometer-perfect tolerances to cutting-edge inspection technology, every detail is meticulously controlled.


Our relentless pursuit of precision fuels performance that exceeds expectations. We push the boundaries of innovation, utilising advanced materials and processes to create solutions that deliver unmatched efficiency, power, and durability.


We continuously refine, iterate, and perfect every aspect of our business processes. From design and development to delivery and final inspection, we strive for flawlessness. Because in our industries, perfection isn't a destination, it's a journey.

We Have Been Transforming Manufacturing


We Work With Companies of All Sizes

Carfulan Group has a long history of working with a range of companies from all industries, so whether you're a small independent or a large multi-national, we promise to work with you to help you achieve optimal performance and end-product excellence.

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We Innovate.

We Empower.

We Deliver.

At Carfulan Group, we don't just deliver solutions, we deliver progress. We understand the critical role our customers play in driving economies and improving lives. That's why we're dedicated to providing reliable, high-quality solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Unrivalled Expertise

The Carfulan Group of companies offer precision, performance and perfection for your manufacturing processes, through multi sensor metrology, 3D printing, tool presetting and shaft measurement. From initial design through to project completion, the Carfulan Group supplies only the very best cutting edge technologyto enable manufacturers to design more freely, manufacture more efficiently, and measure parts to ensure accuracy to the finest detail.

Our Philosophy

At Carfulan Group, we recognise that businesses thrive on the strength of their people. Just as our success is built on the collaboration of our own talented team, we understand that your company’s true potential lies within its employees.

It’s through genuine partnership and open-mindedness that we can achieve remarkable things. By combining your team’s unique strengths with our collective expertise, we transform ideas into tangible results.

Carfulan Group seeks to collaborate with forward-thinking companies who embrace the power of collaborative effort. We share your focus on shaping the future and are committed to unwavering excellence in every facet of our work.