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The New Carfulan Group Website is Now LIVE!

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The Carfulan Group is proud to announce the launch of the brand-new Carfulan Group website, now LIVE, and packed full of exciting new features and fresh new content.

The Carfulan Group offers a range of advanced manufacturing technologies to provide precision, performance and perfection across the entire manufacturing processes. Their range of technologies include multi sensor measurement, 3D printing, tool presetting, tool inspection, tool storage and tool management, as well as non-contact measurement and statistical process control software.

Alongside remarkable technologies and unparalleled customer service, the sleek, cutting-edge new website delivers fresh content, the latest imagery, the most up-to-date company information, and stunning new videos, all aimed at enhancing our user’s experiences. With over 100 new pages to explore, it is undeniably the new go-to resource for all things manufacturing.

Carfulan Group Sales Director, Rob Thompson, highlighted just how beneficial the new website will be for users:

“This is a really exciting time for the Carfulan Group. Our users can now discover all of our world-leading companies in one place so they can get the benefit across their entire business. We’re proud to introduce our brand-new website that mirrors the cutting-edge technologies we provide.”

Group Marketing Manager, Lewis Hearne, said:

“We’re proud and excited to have launched the Carfulan Group’s new website which is more than just a digital facelift; it’s a testament to our continuous commitment to innovate, improve, and engage. The new Carfulan Group website is packed full of fresh new content that we hope will excite new and existing customers.”


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