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Five NEW machines launching at MACH 2024

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Visit Hall 20, Stand 320 for live machine demonstrations, expert insights, and a glimpse into your future. Don’t miss this chance to gain a competitive edge and future-proof your business.

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OGP - Fusion

Multi-sensor measurement brilliance.

Introducing the astounding Fusion 400, transcending the limitations of 3D metrology to offer unprecedented accuracy with a large field-of-view (LFOV) optical system.

This advanced multi-sensor measurement system has a generous 400 x 300 x 250mm measuring range, enabling you to unlock a new sphere of precision in high-volume production environments.

A robust cast base, complemented by a granite surface plate and compound stage, ensures exceptional built-in measurement stability and supports incredibly precise measurements.

ZOLLER - powerShrink

Heat-shrink system with optimal energy efficiency.

powerShrink takes less than 10 seconds to shrink-clamp a tool, while unclamping and cooling is done within 40 seconds, depending on the tool diameter. You’ll be ready for production in under a minute.

Manufacturers who use powerShrink benefit from a high degree of rotation accuracy, long tool life, and reduced tooling costs, setting quality standards in manufacturing.

Stratasys - F3300

3D Printing.
Lower cost.
Faster throughput.

The F3300 prints up to twice the speed of current industrial FDM printers, producing twice as many parts in the same amount of time. Factored against the printer’s amortized cost, the more parts you print per unit of time, the lower their cost.

Large 4100 cc (250 cubic inch) material spools and simpler spool design lessen their manufacturing cost, particularly for high-performance materials. As a result, this lowers material prices and reduces a customer’s cost to print each part.

And much, much more.

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