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Introducing the new Metrios 332 shopfloor measurement machine

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Everything you have ever wanted in an optical shopfloor measuring machine.

The Carfulan Group is excited to present the Metrios 332, the brand-new optical measurement system from leading non-contact measurement specialists, VICIVISION UK, designed for the shopfloor to measure larger and heavier components than ever before.

Metrios optical measurement has revolutionised the way manufacturers inspect parts directly on the shopfloor within seconds and the Metrios 332 is the newest addition to the range to enable a greater scope of advanced measurement.

Designed with a larger bed size, ultra-high magnification and an unparalleled lighting system, the revolutionary new system empowers manufacturers to inspect larger, more complex parts with unmatched precision, directly on the shopfloor.

The Metrios 332 offers a combination of unparalleled speed, ease of use, precision and versatility, all on a larger scale than ever before.

The Metrios 332 is the largest shopfloor measurement system in the Metrios range, with a 300 x 300mm XY measuring range, combined with a generous 200mm part passage that can hold up to 20kg.

Its ultra-high magnification sensor can identify points in XYZ even on the smallest details and its wide-field sensor detects the parts on the stage and measures them at maximum speed.

As the latest revolutionary Metrios machine, the Metrios 332 features an even more comprehensive lighting system to shield from environment light and guarantee results on even the most difficult surfaces.

Rob Thompson, Group Sales Director of the Carfulan Group, the parent company of VICIVISION UK, expressed his excitement about the introduction of latest Metrios shopfloor measurement system.

He said: “The Metrios 332 is yet another example of VICIVISION continuing to push the boundaries of innovation within the manufacturing industry.

“Metrios is a proven technology within the manufacturing sector and has helped many of our customers to drastically reduce inspection times and improve their overall part quality.

“The larger format capabilities, ultra-high magnification sensor and new advanced lighting system of this machine will allow our customers to elevate their inspection processes directly on the shopfloor.”


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