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Introducing DISCUS 2024: The latest auto-ballooning software

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The Carfulan Group’s newest software division, Prolink UK is excited to announce the latest DISCUS software update: DISCUS 2024.

DISCUS 2024 offers a major upgrade to the software to maximise the speed and accuracy of DISCUS Intelligent Drawing Analysis (IDA) software.

Following feedback from over 2,000 customers, DISCUS 2024 has upgraded its auto-ballooning software to allow for easier, more user-friendly navigation, extended import and export options, as well as introducing new and advanced auto-ballooning capabilities to ensure both users and customers gain the most accurate FAI reports. 

Key features of DISCUS 2024 include: 

  • A new package export option in which users can now easily export all project files, including drawings, documents, and data, to a single location
  • The ability to import parts lists with part types and supplier codes from spreadsheets, as well as measurement data from CMM machines, to apply to tolerances.
  • Drawing correlations between revisions to warn when opening mismatched files.
  • Enhanced 3D model viewing
  • New formulas to ensure accurate data is exported to Excel reports as well as a new token to show Pass/Fail/Caution status for characteristics.
  • and many more!

Graham Shaw, General Manager of Prolink UK, the exclusive UK supplier of DISCUS software said: “We are excited to now be offering DISCUS 2024 to our growing customer base here in the UK. 

“DISCUS 2024 offers a range of exciting new features that will enhance user experience and streamline quality control processes across the shopfloor.” 


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