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Brand new Tesla arrivals take the Carfulan Groups fleet up to 25

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The Carfulan Group’s brand new order of Tesla Model 3 EVs has arrived at HQ, ramping up the Tesla fleet to 25, making it one of the largest not-for-hire Tesla fleets in the UK.

Since 2017, there has been a 1242% increase in the registration of BEVs (battery electric vehicles), a figure that stands at +102% from January to March 2022 compared to the same date range a year prior with over 10,000 Tesla owners now in the UK. Businesses are leading the charge. 

The Carfulan Group Managing Director, Chris Fulton said:

“It is great to be leading the way when it comes to electric vehicle adoption. There has been a conscious effort as a business to push forward with EV infrastructure to increase the uptake of green technology.”

Derby had the third largest number of Teslas with 146 per 100,000 people in 2020. The new fleet at Carfulan might yet be enough to help the city overtake Stirling as the second location in the country for Tesla cars per capita, behind only Milton Keynes according to DVLA data. It comes weeks after Derby was accepted as one of two UK cities, into UNESCO’s Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC).

Ground Control Ltd currently has the largest not-for-hire fleet of Teslas in the UK with 63, as the country continues to invest in greener cars. Owing to the growth of The Carfulan Group with the acceleration of Industry 4.0, automation, 3D printing and the expectation and desire for more productive technological solutions, and processes the company is not about to stop expanding, and increasing its green operations. 

Chris Fulton continued:

“Operating at the cutting-edge of technology, and as a British business delivering sustainable year-on-year growth, we wanted to show we are serious about the ways we can reduce our impact on the environment now and in the future.

“Reducing our impact on the environment is of the utmost importance to us and something we strive to improve daily. We are aware of our environmental responsibilities as a business and this investment in low-emission vehicles demonstrates our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint to all our clients and partners.”

Tesla vehicles can emit up to 65 per cent less lifetime emissions than petrol or diesel cars, and the switch to electric vehicles follows the UK government strategy to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles within the next 20 years.

The Carfulan Group is fully supportive of this initiative and aims to continue minimising the business’s environmental impact wherever possible.


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