NEW VICIVISION PRIMA & Metrios Re-Light make Optical inspection More Efficient

The team at VICIVISION and Metrios have been busy bringing to market some of the most exciting new technology in turned part measurement. For businesses wishing to increase throughput while saving time and money, these two new technologies are ready and set for the shopfloor. 


The new PRIMA from VICIVISION brings unparalleled exactness to the measuring of turned parts. Ideal for operators eyeing reliable results every time, the VICIVISION PRIMA excels at measuring crankshafts, engine parts, turned threads, bolts bearings and many more cylindrical and three-dimensional parts with complex geometries. Fast, easy to-use and the industry-benchmark for the optical measurement of turned parts – the PRIMA is a must-have on any busy shopfloor. 


The Metrios Re-light

Measure each and every side of a part in just a single cycle with the Metrios machine and RE-Light rotary add-on. Ideal for measuring complex parts like keyway slots, arrangement slots, wrench holes, bushings and more, the Metrios Re-Light rotary add-on for the Metrios optical measuring machine makes light-work of measuring parts. Featuring all-inclusive clamping meaning the system comes with the rotary ready to rotate – you can make sure parts are level, correct and free from defects quicker and more reliably than with traditional methods. 

The Carfulan Group

The Carfulan Group operates at the cutting-edge of UK engineering. Comprising OGP UK, SYS Systems (UK Platinum Partner of Stratasys), ZOLLER UK and VICIVISION UK, we offer expertise in metrology machining, 3D printing and additive manufacturing, tool presetting and turned part measurements. If you are interested in learning more about us or how we can help you and your engineering team, get in touch and we will schedule a FREE consultation or demonstration suited to your needs.