Progress Never Stops as ZOLLER launch NEW products at world premieres

 ZOLLER unveiled two exciting new technologies at their world premieres at AMB in Stuttgart and IMTS 2022 in Chicago proving that progress never stops with the announcement of the all-new powerShrink and toolBalancer machines. ZOLLER highlighted their reputation for innovation and efficiency as the powerShrink and toolBalancer boast new features to simplify tool presetting operations and save energy, as well as provide faster and more accurate results. 

 The latest innovations are typical of ZOLLER’s commitment to efficiency. Managing Director, Christopher Zoller said:

“At the ZOLLER technology company, we focused our experience and expertise to create this new product development, setting a new milestone and complementing the ZOLLER product portfolio. Just what you expect from ZOLLER: Everything from a single source.”

The powerShrink 400 and powerShrink 600 take the reins as the flagship heat-shrinking solution from ZOLLER boasting shrink-clamping in record time, as well as a 30% energy saving on previous models and light-assisted technology for easy operation. ZOLLER also welcomed the toolBalancer 550 and 750 making tool balancing extremely simple owing to a touch screen interface, as well as an asymmetrical design and mass distribution – meaning everything through the centre for the highest-precision every-time. 

Andy Dyche, Sales Manager at ZOLLER UK commented:

“We are really excited about the addition of the new ZOLLER powerShrink and toolBalancer machines into the range of tool management solutions we offer. These additions allow us to offer fully comprehensive tool management and measuring solutions, all with the expected quality and accuracy associated with ZOLLER products.”

The product launches were a major statement from ZOLLER who continue to distinguish themselves internationally as innovators in tool presetting technology. You can view the new ZOLLER technologies today.

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