OGP adds new ShapeGrabber Ai320 & Ai820 laser scanning systems to metrology range

OGP has announced the addition of the ShapeGrabber Ai320 and the ShapeGrabber Ai820 to its range of powerful automated laser scanning systems. Available now in three models to match different part sizes and configurations, the ShapeGrabber from OGP offers benchtop and floor model solutions for measuring intricate parts.


Director of Sales and Marketing at ShapeGrabber, David O’Connor said:


“ShapeGrabber systems are ideal for measuring complex shapes such as molded plastics, castings, stampings, and machined parts that are time-consuming, costly, and difficult to measure.


“Durability on the shop floor and ROI advantages based on faster throughput and operator ease-of-use make ShapeGrabber turn-key solutions in manufacturing, quality control, rapid prototyping, and reverse engineering applications.”

The Carfulan Group

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