New Formula One Technical Directive Debuts at Belgian Grand Prix

Last weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix came with a new technical directive aimed at improving the safety of drivers at the circuit’s high-speed corners. The new regulations aim to make overtaking safer by making the cars more visible to other drivers on the circuit and ensuring that cars have more stable aerodynamic configurations when they are approaching the corner at high speeds. It is hoped that the new measures will improve driver safety and prevent further accidents from occurring in the future.


The issue of the porpoising phenomenon has faced growing scrutiny in F1, especially since world champion Nico Rosberg blamed it for his non-podium finish in Singapore earlier this year. The advent of more efficient power units and enhanced aerodynamics has opened up a wider range of possibilities for racing teams, but it has also introduced some new challenges in terms of managing the aero forces acting on the car during cornering.


It has been reported that the problem is something that drivers have been experiencing for some time and that the Mercedes team has led the way in developing ways of tackling the issue more effectively. It is now hoped that the rules laid down by the FIA will make it easier for other teams to adopt similar strategies in future races and improve the overall performance of the grid as a whole. Key figures from Ferrari, Red Bull and Alpine have all spoken out to suggest the new technical directive is not set to faze them unduly and that they will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with their designs next season.


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