EV charging supercharges into future with 10 minute charging


Owing to the application of machine learning at Idaho National Laboratory, researchers have been able to charge EV batteries in under 10 minutes representing a major breakthrough for the EV market. Researchers including Eric Dufek, Ph.D, shared their findings at the American Chemical Society (ACS). Dufek, Ph.D said:


“Fast charging is the key to increasing consumer confidence and overall adoption of electric vehicles” 


Accessibility and speed have long been the caveats in the mass adoption of electric vehicles, so advancements in speed can dramatically effect the industry’s future. There is no doubt the future has always been bright, but this discovery can help pave the way for more effective infrastructure in EV charging. One by one the “cons” are being outweighed by the “pros” in EV adoption – and this breakthrough is yet another sizable step towards greener roads.



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