Living soils could be 3D printed for futuristic buildings


We have come a long way since climate change and 3D printing were mere concepts. Today’s world sees technologies combine to set the blueprint for future eco-builds. Researchers at the University of Virginia are working on printing living soils ‘through layer-by-layer extrusion of a novel seed-impregnated soil ‘ink’”


While the finding is not distinctly new the method is and is developing advanced processes that could change the face of intercity scapes. The application opportunities are enormous with researchers pointing to the technology as a way to reduce the use of less sustainable construction materials and enabling wildlife to flourish in eco-architecture.


It is perhaps the opportunity for carbon capture that is the most exciting scientific advance that could come from the technology being implemented on-mass, with the living soils and resultant seedlings able to flourish, as well as absorb Co2 through photosynthesis.


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