Engineering UK & Make UK call on government to end chronic shortage of skilled engineers

The report collaboratively put together by engineering and manufacturing organisations, Make UK and Engineering UK, Unlocking talent: Ensuring T-levels deliver the workforce of the future” was released ahead of National T-levels Week, in a bid to raise awareness of the shortage of skilled technicians, and the caveats that that can and will expose. 


The report looks into the lack of understanding of T Levels, staff capacity and time commitments, concerns about legal constraints and more. To address the concerns, Engineering UK and Make UK made a number of recommendations to the government which can be seen in the report below. The organisations said:


“With a chronic shortage of skilled engineers and technicians to power Britain’s industry, it is critical that more employers get on board with T-levels and offer industry placements, to plug the gap and give UK business the power it needs to compete on the international stage,” the two bodies said.

Bhavina Bharkhada, head of policy and campaigns at Make UK added:

“More than ever, the manufacturing industry is crying out for skilled technicians, data scientists and technical operators. The pipeline from the EU has been severely curtailed since the UK left the European Union, so we need to turbo-charge the best quality training in these skills from homegrown talent,” said Bhavina Bharkhada, head of policy and campaigns at Make UK.

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