VICIVISION is the UK and Ireland distributor of VICI & C. optical, non-contact shaft measurement machines and quality control systems that aim to improve efficiency in production, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. VICIVISION UK offer manufacturers optimal solutions for measuring turned pieces, with machines that deliver the fastest measurements using a combination of video and light projection, with top of the range performance in a practical, compact design.


Designed to withstand shop floor environments, VICIVISION optical measurement systems enable fast measurement of turned parts at the touch of a button. Their compact yet robust build can be placed in any manufacturing environment to maximise their technological benefits. Our optical measurement machines possess the immediate advantages of confirmation in your work within seconds, productivity increase, high level of efficiency, more flexibility and a significantly reduced rejection rate.


It works by rotating the part while the light source is projected onto the component, creating a shadow composition of the object, from which directly opposite a video camera captures the smallest details through a telecentric lens. This measurement takes between 30-60 seconds, eliminates human error, and generates a process of automatic data collection. Compared to conventional measurement methods where it would take up to 30 minutes and could contain human error VICIVISION optical measurement systems are an effective solution in reducing downtime and increasing precision in measurement data.

mtl1-2We not only supply the fastest shaft and turned part measurement machines but we also deliver customer orientated service that involves prompt support from the industry experts our internal technical know-how guarantees quality in everything we do. Our training and service process provides ongoing qualified assistance with training courses for machine operators, system repairs, spare part supplies and maintenance. By offering services such as training and service, customer care online and a teleservice we ensure our customers are always 100% satisfied.


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