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Future-Proof Multi-Sensor Metrology Systems


OGP UK provides future-proof multi-sensor metrology systems alongside unrivalled service and application support. OGP pioneered CMM technology, specifically video measurement that allows users to determine precise measurements from the smallest components. OGP’s SmartScope measuring machines can be adapted to suit your multi-sensor needs in order to enable you to carry out fast, accurate and repeatable measurements. OGP offer sensor technologies such as laser scanning, touch-probe inspection, video measurement, white light and rotary to fit any measurement requirement.  


OGP is the global pioneer of multi-sensor metrology systems, and was the first to develop video technology as a measurement tool in a co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) which enabled them to develop CMM technology and create the most sophisticated multi-sensor measurement platforms available using only components of the highest quality in their construction in order to deliver the best performance possible. SmartScopes are especially reputed for their ease of use, speed and repeatability, as well as their accuracy on the shop floor.


With over 20 years of experience as the UK representative of the world’s pioneer of multi-sensor measurement technology, we set high quality standards by consistently delivering excellent service to all of our customers. We have supplied to a wide range of industries where they have measured a variety of components such as medical implants, medical mouldings, blood delivery devices, turbine blades, electronic connectors, razor components, PCBs, packaging caps and closures.

OGPOur multi-sensor capabilities future-proof your measuring requirements by providing multiple probes and sensors that are used in various ways to report your data measurements. OGP also specialises in the innovative software for your SmartScope Metrology machine. Our intuitive software collates data in a way that allows users to conclude informed decisions regarding their manufacturing processes.


We know that our multi-sensor metrology technology, software and service is the best available and we want to prove to you the extent of our multi-sensor measurement capabilities, visit our OGP UK website for events, news or contact us for more information.